Why Active Machine Learning?


Whether you are newcomer or a researcher: Welcome to an Active Machine Learning! Our definition of ActiveML can be found here.

We started this project with multiple goals in mind:

  • give newcomers the possibility to learn fast
  • keep you up to date on current developments and hot topics
  • discuss issues, challenges, and suggest research topics in the field of Active Machine Learning.

For newcomers

During our every day life we are currently asked by those who want to learn about Active Learning: “Is there a tutorial on Active Learning? Is there a website that provides information for neophytes?”

Well there are some resources; Burr Settles — http://active-learning.net

Therefore, to start quickly see our tutorials (coming soon).

Hot topics

We also want you to be up to date to current activities in ActiveML. Thus, we set a second goal: to provide an overview of the current research in the field of active machine learning.

Our goal is to discuss the findings of at least one active machine learning paper per week.

It is interesting for companies and other individuals that want to keep up with the current development in the of field active machine learning.

The articles are written in such a manner, that it will not take you longer than 10 minutes to digest it.

Research topics

The active learning community is a small but growing community. For those who want to contribute, we provide a state of the art list of current research challenges in the field of active machine learning.

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